The 10 Best AI Tools For Municipalities

The 10 Best AI tools for municipalities

Enhance, don’t replace, with these best AI tools for municipalities

Over the last couple of years, AI has become a hot topic for good reasons and bad. At govStrategy, we believe the good significantly outweighs the bad. As local government leaders navigate the complexities of serving and growing their communities, integrating Artificial Intelligence tools offers incredible potential. In a period filled with extreme advancements in technology, embracing AI provides municipalities with an opportunity to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and improve service delivery. Despite previous apprehension, it’s important for leaders to recognize that AI isn’t a replacement for human decision-making but rather a powerful tool to augment it. By leveraging AI, leaders can better analyze vast sets of data, enabling more informed policy decisions and resource allocation. In addition, AI-driven insights can aid in identifying emerging trends, anticipating citizen needs, and optimizing public services ranging from transportation and waste management to healthcare and public safety.

In this article, we’re sharing ten of the best AI tools for municipalities in the market and a few examples of how your municipality can leverage the technology. With the combination of AI and automation, local government leaders can focus on what really matters: building relationships with municipal colleagues and their communities. The tools you’ll find in this article are:

  • ChatGPT
  • Asana
  • Fireflies
  • Airgram
  • Canva
  • Dall-E
  • Runway
  • Murf
  • Blackbox

The best chatbot for municipalities

At this point in the development of AI, there’s no question that ChatGPT isn’t the most versatile and broadly-used chatbot out there. Workers across many departments in several industries use chatbots to handle basic customer inquiries and support requests. They also use them as personal assistants to manage tasks, set reminders, schedule appointments, and organize daily activities. One of the more exciting ways we’ve noticed people using chatbots is through interactive storytelling, text-based games, and conversational experiences. Users can engage with chatbots for leisure, playing games, exploring virtual worlds, and participating in interactive narratives such as Dungeons and Dragons.

Local government leaders can utilize chatbots for any of the above tasks, and much more. After speaking with folks currently using the tools, we’ve found out that they find it easier to generate content ideas, draft blog posts, write service descriptions, and create social media posts. Another reason chatbots are one of the best AI tools for municipalities is that they assist in retrieving information from databases, websites, or knowledge bases. However you use a chatbot, it will certainly increase the output of your efforts.

The best copywriting tool for municipalities

In the last section, we highlighted how people use Artificial Intelligence for content creation. One of the more specific tools for this is Emails are a large part of day-to-day tasks in local government. Automating some of those tasks and using AI to help generate words will drive more efficiency in your municipality. Similarly, creating attractive marketing copy for advertisements, landing pages, service pages, and promotional materials is essential for a municipality to keep the community engaged. With, you can skim your website’s current pages and create summarized copy based on the writing style on those pages.

Additional uses for copywriting tools that many leaders are already using are social media posts, search engine optimization, service descriptions, and brand messaging. However you use copywriting tools within your municipality, you’ll be able to delegate more efficiently and focus efforts on other tasks.

The best project management tool for municipalities

“Smart” technology has existed for quite some time, but Asana is taking it to the next level with their AI-powered project management tools. Business professionals use the platform to drive clarity and accountability, maximize their impacts, and scale with confidence. Having clear and concise updates on project status is vital for the success of a local government. The power of Asana’s technology helps identify risks and roadblocks, allowing leaders to be proactive with their assignments.

On top of the ability to hold more accountability, the platform uses AI to build smarter workflows. Asana is constantly innovating to drive more efficiency in all industries. A few things to look forward to are onboarding features, automatic project building, and expert advice from AI. Using a project management tool with AI capabilities will drive your municipality to the next level. Asana is absolutely one of the best AI tools for municipalities.

The best meeting transcriber for municipalities

Local government clerks have a lot on their plate. Fireflies is using AI to take one of those tasks off of it. With this technology, businesses and local government leaders are changing the way they take and transcribe notes. By plugging audio into this tool, you’re able to turn long meetings into actionable data. Not only does the platform enable transcriptions but it allows users to search through data to find soundbites, highlight important parts, leave reactions, and more. With its simplicity, even the most novice meeting hosts can utilize the AI tool to eliminate time-consuming tasks.

Why are local government professionals still wasting time transcribing and searching through long videos of council meetings? An AI tool such as Fireflies is making it easier to focus on the tasks that drive better municipal performance, like administering elections, public relations, and developing stronger collaboration with other departments. See why it’s considered one of the best AI tools for municipalities.

The (second) best meeting transcriber for municipalities

The previous section highlighted an AI tool that’s great for transcribing long meeting videos. Airgram is another tool that’s capable of helping local government leaders spend less time on menial tasks and more time on the work that’s going to increase the performance of a municipality. Whether you use Zoom, Google Meets, or Microsoft Teams to conduct council meetings or other video meetings, Airgram can take that content and turn it into text.

The platform also provides templates for increased efficiency; one-on-one and team meetings are simpler using Airgram. Inside those meetings will be streamlined communication because of tailored agendas created, managed, and shared across the team. Collaboration is a huge part of municipal processes, and Airgram is providing an AI platform to increase that teamwork. There’s a reason why this is considered one of the best AI tools for municipalities.

The best AI image generators for municipalities

It was tough for us to narrow down just one image generator for municipalities to fall in love with, so we’re giving you three to try for yourself. Here are three of the best AI tools for municipalities when it comes to graphic design.

Canva has been giving graphic designers the tools to increase creativity and production for over a decade. As AI has grown more popular, the platform has become more innovative and incorporated the technology into its tools. Turn your written words into beautiful images; the more descriptive, the better.

Runway is another AI tool for turning text into images. However, Runway doesn’t stop at images. The company focuses on AI research and delivers advanced tools to “shape the next era of art, entertainment, and human creativity.” Generate a whole new world with this robust AI image and video-generating tool.

DALL-E is another tool developed by OpenAI (the same company building chatGPT). Since the initial phase of the technology, the company has continued its innovation to bring an AI tool that understands more detail and nuance. As important as it is to be descriptive in writing prompts for image generators, DALL-E uses intelligence to bring more accurate and detailed images no matter your text. Use DALL-E in conjunction with ChatGPT for the best experience.

The best voice generator for municipalities

It’s not always easy to find the most soothing or exciting voices. Murf uses AI to combat that problem. As one of the best AI tools for municipalities, Murf has given local government teams the ability to turn text into realistic speech. Not only are creators able to turn the texts into a talking voice, but they’re able to mimic someone they’re familiar with by simply uploading a recording with various expressions and emotions.

This type of technology might sound a bit invasive or scary, but rest assured that “all data flowing across the AWS global network that interconnects our data centers is automatically encrypted at the physical layer before it leaves the secured facilities.” Municipalities can create YouTube videos, advertisements, podcasts, training videos, presentations, and even documentaries. Using this voice generator will help reduce costs and drive the performance of your local government.

The best code-writing tool for municipalities is one of the best AI tools for municipalities because it empowers IT professionals to develop pieces of code that once required highly technical experts. The platform encourages even the newest developers to create their very own AI assistant, ask specific coding questions, and significantly increase the output of their work with very little additional effort.

A summary of the best AI tools for municipalities

Now that you’ve seen a few of the best AI tools for municipalities, go out and try them. Increase efficiency, drive better performance, gain more data-driven insight, optimize public safety, monitor your environment, and implement better urban planning practices by embracing AI tools, not running from them.

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