Utilizing Meeting Minutes Software In Local Government

People taking notes needing meeting minutes software

Put down the paper and pen. Pick up your meeting minutes software.

Having a second set of arms and hands might get you some weird looks, but it’d certainly help you get more of your work accomplished. As a municipal clerk, that’s exactly what you’d want: an extra set of hands. The good news is that you don’t have to look like an alien to get it!

Increase productivity, improve your accuracy, enhance communication, and increase security with meeting minutes software. The use of this technology in your workplace can help you with efficiency while improving the quality of the services you provide to your constituents. In this article, we highlight additional benefits and examples to look into.

  • The benefits of using software
  • Examples of meeting minutes software
  • Challenges you face without meeting software

Benefits of using software

Increased productivity

Greatly increase productivity by streamlining processes, automating tasks, and providing tools for organization and collaboration. Free up your time for more important work. Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your team or organization.

Improved accuracy

Reduce the risk of human error through process automation and use built-in quality control measures. Use these tools to assist with data analysis, and help identify trends and patterns that might be difficult for a human to spot, which leads to more accurate decision-making.

Enhanced communication

Increase communication by providing tools for real-time collaboration, such as instant messaging and video conferencing. Additionally, you’re able to facilitate communication through the use of shared documents and project management tools, which allows team members to stay informed and updated on the progress of your work.

Greater accessibility

Provide greater accessibility by allowing users to access their work from a variety of devices and enable remote work. Additionally, some software programs are designed with accessibility features for people with disabilities.

Increased security

Provide data protection through the use of encryption, secure storage, and backup systems. This will help prevent data breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive information. Software assists with identity and access management by providing tools for authenticating users and controlling access to sensitive information.

Enhanced decision-making

Help businesses and organizations analyze data and make informed decisions by providing tools for data visualization and analysis.

Improved customer experience

Help businesses and organizations deliver a better customer experience by providing tools for customer relationship management and support.

Challenges you may face without meeting minutes software

Reduced productivity

Without software to automate tasks and processes, municipal clerks may have to spend more time on manual tasks such as data entry, which can reduce their overall productivity.

Increased risk of errors

Without help with tasks such as data entry, there’s a higher risk of errors and mistakes, which can have serious consequences.

Difficulty accessing and sharing information

Facilitating communication and collaboration without the use of software may provide clerks with difficulty in accessing and sharing information with other team members or stakeholders.

Inefficient processes

Without software to streamline processes, a municipal clerk may have to rely on inefficient and time-consuming manual methods for tasks such as scheduling and record-keeping.

Lack of security

Clerks without software to provide security features such as encryption and authentication may be at greater risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks.

Examples of Meeting Minutes Software


CivicPlus is a company that provides software and services for local governments, including code management, agenda, and meeting tools. They also provide citizen engagement, website design, and hosting solutions. Check out their website here.


Granicus is a company that provides cloud-based agenda and meetings software for the public sector, but they also include content management systems that can be used to manage and publish legal codes. Check out their website here.


Accela is another company that provides cloud-based software for local and state governments, including solutions for regulatory compliance and land management that can be used to manage and publish legal codes. Check out their website here.

Tyler Technologies

Tyler Technologies’ software and services for local governments include code publishing and management tools as well as solutions for property assessment, tax administration, and land records management. Check out their website here.

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