Here’s What To Know About The Local Government Federal Credit Union

A toy house, magnifying glass and piggybank sitting on top of a plan. Attempting to represent the local government federal credit union services in a nutshell.

A credit union that’s mission isn’t about the money.

Since the federal charter in 1983, the Local Government Federal Credit Union in North Carolina has put it’s members first. There’s a major focus on the community and overall impact the organization can make not only within but outside of the business as well. Fostering an environment for financial education is important, and the Local Government Federal Credit Union has emphasized that in its efforts. By focusing on members and their finances, the organization enables local government leaders to turn their focus to empowering residents.

As an financial instituation should, LGFCU operates with core values: integrity, diversity, continuous learning and making a positive impact. By establishing these values and broadcasting them to members, the organization is holding itself accountable. The goal is to build trust, enable personal development, encourage more perspectives, and strengthen the positive impact of local government leaders.

In this article, we highlight a bit more about the LGFCU products and membership.

Local Government Federal Credit Union products

CashPoints Global

A card for people who are looking for something different or always on the go. It’s used just like your other cards, with no overdraft fees. If there aren’t enough funds for a transaction, it simply won’t be processed. A $1 monthly maintenance fee is the only thing that needs to be on a members radar. A benefit of using this card is secure access to funds via individual ownership and authorization. Another benefit is as long as you have internet access, you’ll have access to your account with nearly every service online.

Checking and Savings

Create checking accounts, education savings accounts, trust accounts, kids accounts, health savings, and more. Utililize services such as overdraft transfers and sharing term certificates. The checking and savings drop-down menu is a great place to get started on the Local Government Federal Credit Union site.

Credit Cards

Your typical credit cards, with the your trusted credit union. Not only can you use it for something as simple as a gym payment, but the rates are similar while there are no annual fees. A minimum payment of $25 or 1% of the outstanding balance makes it easy to keep track of a budget. An additional benefit of using the card is reduced stress because of the protection against identity theft.

Debit and Gift Cards

The debit and gift cards offered by the Local Government Federal Credit Union to its members in North Carolina include ones that are specifically made for EMS workers, parks and rec volunteers, and firefighters. Along with those are visa debit cards that can be used for any occasion, at any store, and within nearly any ATM. Recieve notifications about your cards in order to keep track of budgets and spending.


Members of the LGFCU have a number of insurance options to choose from as well. Accidental, Auto & Home, Credit, and Life Insurance are available to keep the peace of mind. Fixed annuities provided by the organization also allow members to meet lifelong financial goals.


Compare your current IRAs. Open a Roth IRA. Take advantage of a SEP IRA. Keep things simple with a traditional IRA. Whatever your financial goals are, the Local Government Federal Credit Union provides the option to capitalize on your investments. Go through the chart on the website to figure out which IRA suits you best.


LGFCU offers auto loans, mortgage loans, and personal loans. On top of that is a HELOC home equity loan to help cover the cost of home improvements. Payroll deductions allow members to segment their payroll check in order to make a loan payment or to send to an LGFCU deposit account.

Signing up for a Local Government Federal Government Credit Union membership

There are five main reasons to join the LGFCU community in North Carolina:

  • It’s all about you – products and services dedicated to making members’ lives easier.
  • You’re not just a customer – Members are also owners who have a say in how the Credit Union runs.
  • Your money is safe – similar to how banks use the FDIC, this Credit Union uses the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) to insure funds.
  • It’s an investment in the community – Scholarships and services for underserved communities.
  • It’s convenient – connect online, at over 250 branch locations, or over 1,000 CashPoint ATMs.

In order to get started, fill out a membership form or call for a Shared Account. You qualify for an account if you’re an employee or volunteer with the following:

  • ABC Boards and store employees
  • Authorities (airport, housing, transit, water, and sewer)
  • Commissions (planning, economic development)
  • Councils of Government
  • Districts (sanitation, soil, water conservation)
  • Emergency management services, including fire and rescue, law enforcement, and volunteer fire departments
  • Hospitals (see list)
  • Libraries
  • Local government associations
  • North Carolina county governments
  • North Carolina municipalities including cities, towns, and villages
  • Parks and recreation departments

Learn more about becoming a Local Government Federal Credit Union member here.

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